Haunted Houses

Our Haunted Houses are FRIGHTFULLY Good!

We have 3 Haunted Houses for our brave adventurers to explore- with a host of freaky friends and spooky characters to meet on the way.   As with all of the activites at Gloomsday- they carry a Bat Rating- ‘1 Bat’ is Suitably Spooky, ‘2 Bat’ is Funnily Frightening and ‘3 Bat’ is Best Be Brave.
All Haunted Houses cost 3 Gloomsday-Dollars per person.

The fire is burning,the temple is falling- and all you can do is RUN!
Wander through Alice’s Doll House where Humpty and Friends will make you jump and squeal with joy.
Creep through cottages, hurry by haunted houses and sneak past the sinister stream otherwise who knows what evil spells the witches may cast your way

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